TRX Medium Strength Band


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Full-length bands for full-body training on the go. Featuring lightweight resistance, these stretchy bands are the ultimate tool for adding in extra resistance without any impact. The Strength Band’s ability to create more time under tension means your muscles put in 100% effort through the full range of motion for every move, every time. Plus, it’s perfect for post-workout stretching, aiding in sports rehabilitation or making a training move more manageable (like looping it around a bar for some pull-up assistance). Designed with a layering approach for the most durable and long lasting strength band. Shows LBs and KGs. Level of resistance from 35lbs – 70lbs. Use with our TRX® Bandit to experience better grip, comfort, and control. Full-length for full-body moves. Improves strength. Improves muscular endurance. Pack light and go anywhere. Size H8.5cm, W14.5cm, D14.5cm. Weight 0.4kg. Supplied assembled. Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee. EAN: 847585007853.

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