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NEW ICAROS HOME PACKAGE Includes ICAROS Home, Pico VR Headset with 3 games pre-loaded and tablet holder for non VR experiences via the ICAROS app.Have you ever dreamed of flying over mountains or diving down into the depth of the ocean?With the ICAROS Home you can.The award winning ICAROS home is a home trainer of the 21st century involving virtual reality experiences and virtual reality gaming to make exercise not only effective but immersive and fantastic fun. Virtual Worlds Total Immersion The ICAROS Home stands for premium home fitness in the most innovative way. It enables you to fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving your fitness, core strength and muscle tone.ICAROS Home provides an effective and immersive way to work on your strength, balance and co-ordination. <img src=”//″ alt=””> <img src=”//″ alt=””> How ICAROS Home Works By moving your body weight around the central pivot point, the ICAROS Home machine will tilt forward and backward and roll from side to side, controlling your in-game movements and working out in the process.Sensors on the ICAROS transmit your movement to the Virtual Reality world. Therefore you are not only visually but physically connected to the virtual world. The result is that ICAROS combines both gaming and fitness aspects that stimulate both your body and mind.You can select your workout intensities based on the games’ different scenarios. ICAROS Home Training Effects ICAROS workouts train different muscle groups, focusing mainly on core and upper body muscles whilst incorporating the upper leg area too.The exercises simultaneously improve reflexes, balance and coordination. Leading universities have shown that the ICAROS plank burns 30% more calories and doubles the muscle activity when compared with a stable kneeling plank.The ICAROS exercises are ideal for core stability, functionality and reactivity.The immersive nature of VR takes the monotony out of your fitness routine and can make a 30 minute workout feel like 10 minutes. <img src=”//″ alt=””> <img src=”//″ alt=””> ICAROS Controller (included) The heart of the ICAROS The ICAROS wireless flight and gaming system includes the handlebar mounted rechargeable controller that tracks movements and connects to the game, either running on a stand-alone or wired VR headset, PC, tablet or Smartphone. Pico G2 VR 4K Wireless Headset (included) with 3 x games pre-loaded The Pico G2 4K focuses on high performance, sleek design and maximum comfort. It features a 4K LCD display with 3840 x 2160 screen resolution. It has a brighter, clearer picture quality than many of its competitors, resulting in a premium viewing experience.ICAROS and Pico have joined forces and are working together. Therefore if there are technological advances in the VR hardware, the software should remain compatible. <img src=”//″ alt=””> <img src=”//″ alt=””> Unbox and Play The Pico headset comes with 3 games pre-loaded so all you have to do is take it out of the box, fire it up, connect it to the controller and you will be transported into a digital world where you can fly and float with ease. Your Pre-Loaded Games Your virtual experience starts here AIM – Fly through breath-taking Alpine Scenery. Aim for the high score and choose between modes from one to 3 minutes. Optimised for ‘Newbies’ FLIGHT – Lets you explore a glacier landscape and provides challenging Parkour and shooter games that requires perfect body control. DEEP – Experience a fascinating under water world, race sharks and manta rays and battle with enemy submarines. Icaros Home Tablet Holder (included) The ICAROS Home tablet holder is compatible with common tablets and Smartphones and is ideal for digital experiences without wearing the VR headset. Download the ICAROS APP for numerous gaming possibilities. Can also be used with other sensor controlled gaming apps. The Ultimate ICAROS Set Up If you want the very best VR experiences then a you need a VR headset wired to a gaming computer. Compatible wired systems are: HTC VivePro / Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest 1 / Oculus Quest 2 / Valve Index VR. Please note that although the Quest 1 & 2 are also stand alone VR headsets they must be wired to accept the ICAROS games. Wired devices can play all ICAROS games including: ICAROS Multiplayer – the ultimate challenge. The online multiplayer platform allows you to compete live with other ICAROS pilots worldwide. Create your personal profile, track your progress and secure your place on the leaderboard. Registration and participation is absolutely free. ICAROS World Championships So you think you can handle the ICAROS Home. You’ve trained on it and you think you are pretty good, then prove it. Every year ICAROS hold the World Championship in Germany. Pilots from all over the world gather to win cash prizes, trophy’s and of course leave with the title. First you have to qualify by making your way into the top 10 ranking of the ICAROS multiplayer leaderboard, of any ICARACE track. You can then compete with the best, flying through the challenging VR world of ICARACE, one of the toughest games in the ICAROS portfolio. Got what it takes! Then what are you waiting for.Please note: You will be flying the ICAROS Pro in the competition. More Games Await For further information on additional games and compatible headsets and the Icaros app please click ICAROS Gaming and Experiences ADDITIONAL INFORMATION What’s in the box? ICAROS Home flying machine, Wireless flight controller, Pico VR headset with 3 x game pre-loaded: Aim, Flight and Deep, ICAROS Home tablet holder for Smartphone and Tablets Unit Colour ICAROS Home is available in white only How much space do I need to install a system? The space should be at least 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9ft x 8.2ft) How big is the footprint of the ICAROS Home device? 91 cm x 188 cm (36″ x 74″) What is the weight of the ICAROS Home device? 56 kg (123.5lbs) Where can the ICAROS Home device be used? The ICAROS Home units can be installed indoors without special requirements. ICAROS Home units are certified for private use only. Warranty expires if units are used in commercial environments. What is the user’s min/max size?140 cm – 200 cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft) What’s the user’s min age? We recommend 14 years User’s max weight? 17.5 Stone (110 kg)What kind of software is included?The ICAROS FLIGHT, AIM and DEEP software comes with every ICAROS PACKAGE system. New experiences are released regularly. Check ICAROS YouTube account ICAROS flight for trailers. Can we play multiplayer? Yes. The online multiplayer ICARACE allows up to eight persons to compete at the same time. Find more info on the ICAROS EXPERIENCES page. Click here Which VR headsets are supported? Standalone systems: Pico G2 4K Wired systems: HTC Vive Pro / Valve Index / Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest 1 / Oculus Quest 2 Additionally, you can use your smart device to exercise with your ICAROS Home and the ICAROS App. Which training effects does the use of the ICAROS Home provide?Using the ICAROS Home helps you to strengthen your core muscles, your shoulder muscles, enhances your sense of balance and body control.Is there a manual, which describes how to use the ICAROS Home?Yes, a print of the manual comes with the device.How long does the controller battery last? If fully loaded, the controller lasts for at least 6 hours nonstop. It can be recharged using Micro-USB cables. Recharge time is about 30 minutes. Free Delivery Options Two Man delivery on this product – due to heavy weight (we will call you to arrange a suitable date) Installation Service Installation service available – click for details Confused by all the options? Call the store FREE on 0800 458 0081

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