Artificial Ficus Tree | Indoor Faux Weeping Fig Plant Large Fake Plant 0.6m-2m


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Artificial Ficus Tree | Indoor Faux Weeping Fig Plant Large Fake Plant 0.65-2m | Real Wood Look Trunk

Bring some mother nature style into your home, or office space! These designer artificial ficus trees, or weeping fig as they are also known, are stunning, colourful designer pieces to liven up the mood and look of any bedroom, living room or space, conservatory, or any other room in the house! They come with real wood trunks and hundreds of lifelike leaves for a fantastic tree look without the maintenance in the home or office space.

These fake plants are also great pieces for the office as they require no maintenance and can bring a relaxed look of nature to the workplace.

Complete with vibrant coloured, varied pattern ficus leaves you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of having greenery, plants and nature in the home or office without the maintenance worries! 

Check out the variations in size of these beautiful fake ficus tree plants from 0.65 to 2m! 

– Ficus Ball 0.65m / 65cm / 2ft 2in
– Ficus Ball 1.05m/ 105cm / 3ft 5in
– 1.1m / 110cm / 3ft 7in
– Natural Wood Trunk 1.25m/ 125cm / 4ft 1in
– 1.27m/ 127cm / 4ft 2in
– Twisted Trunk 1.37m/ 137cm / 4ft 6in
– Twisted Trunk 1.55m/ 155cm / 5ft 1in
– 1.75m/ 175cm / 5ft 9in
– 1.93m/ 193cm / 6ft 4in
– 2m/ 200cm / 6ft 7in
– Light Leaves 2m/ 200cm / 6ft 7in

Bringing the outdoors inside is a highly popular interior design strategy at the moment. Visuals of natural scenery, plantation, animals and wildlife have been shown to improve mental well being and so why not do this in a fun way with the unique and beautiful faux ficus tree!? 

This artificial ficus tree boasts super realistic foliage with amazing quality and attention to detail on the tree.

The size of trees are up to 2m tall, maximum width of foliage is from 40-90cm dependant on size chosen, however this may vary slightly depending on how you position the leaves.

Coming off the trunk are hundreds of plastic green colour leaves. The realistic real wood tree trunks give a realism feel of a wooden trunk which hold all the detailed foliage up.

These trees are suitable for indoor or limited outdoor use.

If used outdoors we recommend this tree is placed in a sheltered area and protected from extreme conditions such as strong winds or frosts as persistent exposure can lead to damage to the foliage.

Any artificial plants used outdoors should be in an area with sufficient ventilation to allow them to dry out if they get wet.

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