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Mcclinton Ergonomic Desk Chair Blue Elephant Upholstery Colour: Grey


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Blue Elephant Swivel office chair – good looks with practical functionality – When you want style, ergonomics, ease of use and affordability (in short, everything), this adjustable office chair rises to the occasion. No reason to slouch – Cultivate a healthy posture with the Vero office swivel chair. With one easy push of the lever, you can instantly adjust the chair’s height to complement that of any desk. So no more hunching over the desk and perpetuating issues such as neck pain, frozen shoulders, and backache. Silky smooth diamond ribbed velvet upholstery – Even if the work isn’t always inspiring, you can always find comfort sitting in the luxurious, velvety embrace of this swivel office desk chair. Multi-task while seated – You can multi-task like a pro on this swivel upholstered office chair without ever leaving it. That’s because its 360° swivel and roller wheels are like versatile extensions of your body that can help you get things done even while you’re seated. There’s now one less excuse for not getting work done! Features of this office adjustable chair: That’s why they offer a 1-year warranty on this adjustable office chair with wheels so you can get timely help if you’ve issues with your purchase. Upholstery Colour: Grey

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